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 Escaping from responsibilities with a sprained knee and tagged:

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It started with sickness

ruined my promotion

then i sprained my ankle

now depression

October doesn’t love me.

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Flinching as he felt knots be pulled as hands ran through his hair, Nico looked back to see who was responsible. “Oh, Ciao.”

"Hey, sorry i thought your hair looks fluffy. Did i hurt you?"

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I shouldn’t be allowed on tumblr half asleep



October 7 - Kiss a Cross day

October 8- Kiss a Kanda day

October 9- Kiss an Allen day

October 10- Kiss a Lavi day 

October 11- Kiss a Lenalee day 

October 12- Kiss a Komui day

October 13- Kiss a Tyki day

October 14- Kiss a Canada/Matthew day

October 15- Kiss a Reever day

October 16- Kiss a Neah day

October 17- Kiss a Mana day

October 18- Kiss a Road day

October 19- Kiss a Sheryl day

October 20- Kiss a Jasdebi day

October 21- Kiss a Wisely day

October 22- Kiss an Adam/Earl day

October 23- Kiss a Johnny day

October 24- Kiss a Bookman/Panda day

October 25- Kiss a Lulubell day

October 26- Kiss a Miranda day

October 27- Kiss a Krory day

October 28- Kiss a Daisya day

October 29- Kiss a Link day

October 30- Kiss a Vatican Hitler day

October 31- Kiss an Alma day

November 1- Kiss an Apocryphos day

November 2- Kiss an Anita day

November 3- Kiss an Eliade day

November 4- Kiss a Maria day

November 5- Kiss a Fou day

November 6- Kiss a Bak day

November 7- Kiss a Timothey day

November 8- Kiss a Klaud Nine day

November 9- Kiss a Froi Tiedoll day

November 10- Kiss a Lero day

November 11- Kiss a Joyd day

November 12- Kiss a Bondomu day

November 13- Kiss a Chomesuke day

November 14- Kiss a Deak day

November 15- Kiss a Robin day

November 16- Kiss a Timcanpy day

November 17- Kiss a young/past Allen day. 

November 18- Kiss a MALE DGM OC day

November 19- Kiss a FEMALE DGM OC day

November 20- Kiss anyone I forgot and go wild day. 

November 21- Traditional fever blister day.


hinata sitting on kiba’s back as he does push ups

hinata helping shino in his beekeeping

hinata bathing akamaru

shino and kiba being hinata’s dummies for her juuken training

shino and kiba secretly liking hinata’s hair


I never noticed before, Hinata's hair color turned to jet black from indigo blue in movie.


I think it’s just the way they drew it. Idk how Hinatas hair could change lmfao

Maybe it’s dyed? 

Maybe Naruto likes it black?

Maybe Kishimoto ordered it?

Maybe it’s Maybelline?

Hi! I'm wondering what do you think about the mother-son dynamic between mako and lin? Maybe not exactly mother and son but you probably know what i mean. In season 4 they're so close!



it’s adorable, in a kinna maternal way but also just like, IT’S NICE THAT LIN HAS A FRIEND.  I assume and hope that she’s supposed to get on well with the rest of the police lol, but within Team Avatar it’s nice to have someone she’d get along with because their normally offputting personalities work together.  It’s nice for her to be connected to someone in team avatar who isn’t Tenzin.  I hope they expand on it.  On the more meta side of things it’s also cool having a young guy who’s mentor is an older woman. 



also mako doin the look last ep was great.  


pat pat pat pat pat


unimportant fanfic written for own amusement:


important essay due tomorrow:


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